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Acupuncture is an ancient healing art of stimulating energy points on the body with or without needles to heal various illnesses.

Traditional diagnosis

1½ to 2 hour comprehensive evaluation, physical examination, oriental diagnosis, followed by treatment planning, specific for your condition.

Treatment session

Acupuncture treatment, which includes acupuncture, moxibustion, physical modalities, herbal and homeopathic prescriptions, etc. Varies in length depending on particular problem.

Nutrition and weight management

Individual diets and non-diet weight management for weight loss, bodybuilding and dietary therapy

Comprehensive counseling session

Includes diet analysis and prescription plan, supplement and herbal prescription, food planning etc.

Follow- up session

Food plan analysis, diet corrections,counseling, support.

Supplement consultation

Individual prescription of herbal, vitamin and micronutrient supplements, specific dosages, most effective combinations.

All- inclusive program

Non-diet weight management with proven results 8 weeks program including comprehensive session with weekly follow-ups exercise planning, dietary prescriptions, progress monitoring.

Exercise physiology

One-on one  success coaching and exercise consulting

Massage therapy and bodywork

Wide variety of techniques from European and Oriental traditions to complement acupuncture treatment, promote health and relaxation.

Medical massage and Manual therapy

Very deep treatments with the use of variety of therapeutic techniques specific to the affected areas.

Deep tissue massage

Deep, therapeutic manipulations including sports massage, neuromuscular therapy, might incorporate stretching, acupressure and other techniques.


Treatment of special zones on hands and feet to address specific health problems.

Swedish massage

Deep, yet relaxing with the use of oils and lotions.


Variety of massage techniques incorporating powerful healing properties of aromatic oils.


Quick, economic and enjoyable way to get acquainted with the benefits of massage. Classical massage techniques are combined with a healing power of high speed vibration to get faster results.

Specialty massages

Russian massage

Medical massage, specifically addressing areas of pathology, as well as reflex areas of affected internal organs and vertebral segments.

Oriental massage

Unique and different techniques Coming from various oriental traditions, Including  Shiatsu, acupressure, tui-na, and meridian massage.