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Congratulations! If you're reading this you're on your way to kicking the nasty habit of becoming a happy non-smoker. Every year millions of people try to quit smoking and unfortunately a lot of them do not succeed. That's when we come to help.  Our integrative approach to quit smoking includes three main components. First acupuncture therapy, second cognitive behavioral therapy and third herbal therapy. Here is what each of them do:


Acupuncture is quite successful in treating anxiety and depression associated with smoking. Additionally it's an extremely effective tool to control appetites and cravings often associated with quitting smoking.

Specific acupuncture points being treated on the wrist, face and ears. For this particular treatment we do not use acupuncture needles but use either laser or electric device which makes treatment much more comfortable and virtually pain free. Herbal therapy allows to maintain effects of acupuncture treatment for longer periods of time without the need to visit our office that allows people who have a harder time sticking with the program to receive additional benefits and feel relaxed and calm while they are going through the adjustment process.

Any therapy no matter how effective will only work if mentally the patient is ready to stick with the smoke-free lifestyle. Here is were cognitive behavioral therapy comes into play. We teach our patients to recognize the mechanisms of smoking addiction how to overcome them effectively and easily and how to stick with the smoke-free lifestyle without pain and feeling of sacrifice. This three-pronged approach is extremely effective resulting in over 90% success rate for our patients and most of the people are able to quit smoking with just a couple of visits.