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Center for Integrative Medicine is a comprehensive functional integrative medicine facility in Aventura, Florida. At Center for Integrative Medicine modern treatment and diagnostic methods are combined with ancient wisdom of Acupuncture and Oriental medicine. We utilize 21st century technologies such as computer blood analysis, laser, far-infrared therapy, electromagnetic therapy with traditional treatments like acupuncture, homeopathy, herbal therapy, manual therapy and nutrition. Our approach allows to effectively treat neck and back pain, headaches, hormonal imbalances, toxicity, insomnia, women health problems, anxiety, depression and other conditions.  Once correct diagnosis has been established one single most important factor determining success of the treatment besides skills and knowledge of the treatment practitioner is the quality of natural medications used.  We utilize the best available in Miami: homeopathy from Italy and Germany, Australian made Western herbals and  only American  made Oriental herbal medications and best professional grade nutritional products.


While integrative treatments are best for complex conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, insomnia, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, acupuncture remains one of the best and safest treatments for pain.  Acupuncture for back and neck pain, acupuncture for headaches is a treatment of choice to more and more patients.


Traditional acupuncture also remains one of the most effective treatments for any other type of painful conditions. Acupuncture migraine treatments for example not only provides instantaneous relieve in many cases, but more importantly allows to avoid potentially dangerous medications in a long run. Center for Integrative medicine remains one of premier Aventura acupuncture facilities and one of the few in South Florida for traditional I Ching acupuncture. Our gentle acupuncture style is practiced by an acupuncture master with extensive education and international experience.


There are several areas in which we especially excel, providing outstanding results for our patients:


Acupuncture weight loss


Being fit and looking good is very high on most people priority list  in Miami lifestyle as a  sunshine capital .  And looking good equals weight loss for many. In Miami weight loss centers are very popular, Miami nutrition choices are also abundant, however our acupuncture weight loss approach in combination with integrative therapies is unique not only in Aventura, but in the whole South Florida area. This approach provides for extremely effective weight loss resolution even in most difficult cases while simultaneously improving hormonal imbalances, metabolic and cardiovascular conditions.


Acupuncture quit smoking


Another unique service we provide is comprehensive acupuncture quit smoking program. While acupuncture quit smoking and quit smoking laser, also based on acupuncture principles are gaining a lot of popularity lately, our quit smoking program offers several unique features allowing for excellent results for our patients.


Unlike most Miami laser quit smoking centers employing technicians who administer generic treatments, our proprietary treatments are developed and administered by experienced acupuncture physician, certified in auriculotherapy and based on extensive Russian and European research into acupuncture addiction therapy. And unlike acupuncture, utilizing needles, which could be somewhat sensitive when applied to ear points, we utilize a quite more comfortable microcurrent point stimulation providing for more comfortable experience.


Acupuncture stress management


Acupuncture works great for stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia. As a matter of fact one of the first benefits our patients report regardless of their primary complaints is a sense of deep relaxation and more restorative sleep following acupuncture treatments. Acupuncture for stress treatments are widely available in Aventura/Miami Dade area. The reason you should consider us approach is our unique approach to diagnosing your conditions and supportive therapies we offer to relieve stress in addition to acupuncture.


We utilize sophisticated laboratory testing to determine specific biochemical imbalances causing your symptoms so the treatment is geared toward “your” stress, “your” anxiety on depression.


Once diagnosed we integrate a variety of treatment tools to resolve your issues in the fastes, most efficient way. We use the best quality Chinese and Western herbal madications, nutraceutical preparations effectively for getting specific biochemical imbalances.


With these treatments combined we are avle o provide you with results in the fastest way possible.


Integrative treatment packages.


Our goal is to provide you with the best possible diagnostic and treatment tools available. once your treatment plan is established we offer a number of treatment packages to make payment for your care affordable. With advanced planning and ability to provide most services under one roof we can offer the best treatments at substantial savings.


We are conveniently located in Aventura, Florida which provides an easy access from Miami Dade, Hallandale, Hollywood, Ft. Lauderdale and Broward County.

We believe in comprehensive, integrative approach to the treatment of our patients.

This approach is based on the philosophy of Oriental Medicine, which combines massage, nutrition, acupuncture, exercise and other treatments in a unique way for each patient the best results, to obtain positive outcomes in the shortest possible time.

Doctor of Oriental Medicine will suggest the best combination, based on traditional Oriental diagnosis in combination with modern tests.



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