Modern diagnostics | Center for Integrative Medicine, Aventura, Miami, Fl


 Any treatment, no matter how good, is only as effective as a proper diagnosis allows it to be.We use variety of diagnostic tools to correctly identify the cause of the patient’s problem. Our philosophy of combining ancient healing wisdom with modern technology is fully applied in our approach to diagnostic methods.  We utilize traditional diagnostic methods used successfully in Oriental medicine for thousands of years, by numerous doctors, on millions and millions of patients. We also take full advantage of what modern technology has to offer. We routinely refer our patients to modern imaging, such as CT-Scans and MRI’s, ultrasound and other diagnostic studies. One of the most valuable of such modern tools is a blood test. We use several new, highly specific tests to determine your hormonal status, thyroid health, hidden allergies, state of neurotransmitters (brain chemicals), and nutritional deficienciesand other problems.

 We also use a functional blood pattern analysis.When we look at conventional blood results, we use computer diagnostic system to analyze the results.  By utilizing this sophisticated software, your blood can be analyzed to determine pathological functional patterns which are often overlooked in a conventional medical setting. Based on a computer analysis a scientifically based treatment plan including complex botanical and homeopathic remedies will be prescribed along with nutritional and lifestyle modifications.

  Additionaly we  use computer meridian mapping – a state of the art diagnostic tool, which applies principles of Oriental medicine and computer technology to create an objective picture of our patient’s energetic systems to detect problems before they turn into a full blown disease, or to find the root of a disease process so it may be addressed effectively. This tool also allows to objectively track treatment progress and to fine tune the follow up treatments.