Medical Massage is Truly a Therapy | Center for Integrative Medicine, Aventura, Miami, Fl

Medical Massage is Truly a Therapy

When you think of massage you probably associate it with a nice relaxing procedure at a beautiful spa. Some may have used it for minor muscle aches and pains. But Medical Massage is truly a therapy. It could be very beneficial in a lot of health conditions including internal problems: headaches, migraines, digestive problems, anxiety and depression and obviously pains from arthritis, low back, neck etc. Massage is especially beneficial when combined with other therapies we do, like cupping, acupuncture or cold laser.


This approach to massage as a powerful exists mostly in Orient and Europe. Chinese and Japanese medical massage is a vital part of Oriental medical tradition and is used widely alongside with herbs and acupuncture to treat adults and children alike. Pediatric massage is especially popular and is used for respiratory, digestive and nervous problems common in children. Europe has a long-standing medical massage tradition of its own. In Russia with  its long history of top athletic and the ballet performance, medical massage was elevated to the true medical science. I was very fortunate to receive formal training endless Oriental and Russian medical massage traditions. With a skilled medical massage it doesn't take an hour to achieve deep and lasting benefits. Most of treatments last between 15 to 30 minutes and produce amazing results.

So while we offer at the Center for integrative medicine traditional relaxation massage by an experienced therapist, I do all medical massages myself and our patients love the results they get.