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Insomnia And Weight Gain

Can you research shows that people who chronically work good quality sleep tend to choose more calorie dense and fattening foods. Additionally lack of asleep slows down metabolism, making people gain weight even when they eat less.

Eliminate Anxiety And Stress From Your Life

Nowadays there are a lot of reasons to be anxious; the state of the economy, health care, kids education, money and so on. It is totally normal to be worried and anxious at times, however when anxiety is taking over your life and starts interfering with your activities, work was ability to get pleasure from family and things that use to be fun, it's time is to get help.

Sleep better tonight!

Good night sleep is extremely important for all aspects of health. Whether you are trying to lose weight, have more energy at work or recover from sports injury, nothing is as important as a good night sleep. There are many reasons why people cannot sleep well.


Ancienthealing wisdom meets modern technology

Ancienthealing wisdom meets modern technology. Acupuncture and Oriental medicine have over three thousand years of history helping millions of patients with pain, digestion, heart and lung problems, anxiety and depression, headaches , treating injuries, female and children problems. So it is complete and elegant system of medicine.

The Easiest Step To Better Health

Your body is under constant assault, it is on fire!


And the fuel to that fire is blood sugar or glucose. Blood sugar is a very important element, essential for the life itself. It fuels muscles and and gives energy to all kind s of different processes in the body.


Is acupuncture beneficial during pregnancy?

The main common problems women are suffering from during pregnancy are low back pain, morning sickness, insomniaheartburn, hemorrhoids and mood disorders.


I Heard Acupuncture is Great at Supressing Appetite is that True?

I Heard Acupuncture is Great at Supressing appetite is that true

While it is true and acupuncture has more than one point to effectively suppress appetite, it is rarely what's needed for people struggling with Excess weight.


I Heard Acupuncture is Very Effective For a Lot of Pain Problems, but I'm Really Afraid of Needles What Can You Do to Help?

If you are afrAID OF NEEDLES YOU ARE NOT alone.


Can I Really Quit Smoking With Acupuncture After a Life Long Addiction?

center for integrative medicine acupuncture quit smoking with acupuncture after a life long addiction It is not uncommon in the life of an experienced professional in the healing arts to have patients share their incredible stories about life-chang

Free Testosterone Therapy Seminar

I recently received an email from a colleague of mine Dr. Mikhail Berman, a prominent specialist in hormone replacement therapy.I have been working with patients with hormone imbalances for many years.