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Who is responsible for my health?

With Obamacare debates in full swing passions are getting hotter and hotter and it's no wonder as the coming changes will affect everybody.


KrokodilI was reading my Facebook page the other day and saw a post from a colleague of mine. A familiar word got my attention.  The word was  "Krokodil".  I took a notice not only because it stands for crocodile in my native Russian,  but also because I read a lot about this in the news from the old country in the past few years.


With hurricane season in full swing and one of the first major storms - tropical storm Karen looming on the horizon there was a lot of talk about atmospheric pressure, wind-speeds, cloud formation and so on. Those discussions have very real dangers in mind: heavy rains, high-speed winds and other dangerous forces of nature. These forces can bring a lot of damage to houses and other structures.

Integrative Endocrinology

Endocrinology – science studying normal functions and disorders of endocrine (hormonal) system.

  If you have issues with your hormonal (endocrine) system, whether it is

Modern Life Comes With a Lot Of Responsibilities

Modern life comes with a lot of responsibilities

Being a professional, a business owner, a parent creates a lot of stressful situations. Being in business means to work overtime and the real double edge sword is that this busy lifestyle does not give much time for a relaxation or to blow off steam.  

Integrative Headache Initiative

 Center for integrative medicine introduces a revolutionary approach to treating migraines, tension headaches, cluster headaches and any other type of headaches. If you suffer from debilitating headaches which affect the quality of your life, your work, your ability to enjoy a company of your friends and family we have something great for you!

Pain Relief in the 21st Century

If you already in pain your treatments don't need to be painful. While extremely effective, acupuncture may be uncomfortable for somebody whose nerves are already on high alert from constant pain. Other effective treatments we own for such as band pain injections also could be quite uncomfortable for some patients.


Here are some good news:


Do I need to do anything besides my gym and running routine to keep my body in shape?

Working on your frame. A lot of treatments we are using in the Center for Integrative Medicine address more subtle parts of our health, correcting energetic imbalances, working on micro-circulation and fine biochemical changes. Today I want to talk about working on your physical body: muscles, joints and bones.

Children and Acupuncture

Somebody might say: children and needles? What are you talking about?! I'm not taking my kids for acupuncture! At the same time there is a lot of research showing that acupuncture is extremely helpful for the very conditions many parents struggle with. These include persistent colds, cough, trouble sleeping, problems with digestion even learning difficulties and problems with concentration.

Sex and Acupuncture

What acupuncture has to do with sex you might ask. Well nothing and everything. Acupuncture and Oriental medicine both come from the tradition of Taoism - a spiritual tradition from China and the far east that was very concerned with promoting longevity.