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New Year Resolutions

The holidays are over, kids are back from the winter break and now all those resolutions so many made for the new year are ready for some action.

According to polls the top three resolutions made for the New year are to lose weight, to kick bad habits like smoking and to live more peaceful, less stressful life. If you fall into one of those three categories there are some great news.


Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas


Dear Friends,

We at Center for Integrative Medicine wish you a  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

May this holiday season bring you peace, health and tranquility. May you and your family enjoy good health and good fortune in the upcoming year.


A Mink Megamillion Jackpot

When a mink megamillion jackpot starts rising up about 100 and 50 million, passions start going higher, about 300 million and some people are going into frenzy. Is there anything wrong with that?
I don't think so, it's a normal human nature to hope for the best, believe that you deserve it and try to use your smarts to get it.

Saving Options in Healthcare

Saving Options in HealthcareI love to read books. And not just any books, but I really, truly enjoyed reading special books on my profession: acupuncture and various medical subjects. If you don't know these books tend to be pretty expensive and I spent a lot of money buying them.

Science proves - Acupuncture effectively relieves depression

We specialized in treating mood disorders including depression for the past 15 years.

Magnetic therapy promoted by Dr. Oz

Usually I'm not the one to brag, but this blog will be an exemption. Something changed my mind today.

Acupuncture Not Only For Pain and Not Just For Rich and Famous

The last few years alternative medicine is expanding very  fast and powerfully like a typhoon over Philippines.


Black Friday - are there bargains in healthcare?

It's already November 2013 can you believe it? Soon there will be joy of Thanksgiving celebration and craziness of Black Friday bargain hunting. Everybody's different, but I personally could not go for Black Friday ever. Don't get me wrong, I like to save money as much as anybody, but I couldn't justify getting up at five in the morning and staying in line for hours and then "run with the bulls" just to try to squeeze a few extra bucks. Some things probably just not worth it.

Daylight Saving Time Health Problems

It's the end of October which means the end of daylight savings time. There plenty of evidence that time change brings very little economic benefits. Overtime though some people get used to the idea and have different thoughts whether it is good thing to have. But I leave economic and social debates to those who are really interested in this kind of discussion.


Look good and feel great

The number one thing to change to look good and feel great is to lose weight. Millions of people try that on any given day. Many of them are successful on their own others with the help of various available programs. Those who come to our office are the ones who didn't have a good success. There are numerous reasons for a weight-loss program to fail. A lot depends on the program, experience of the healthcare provider, but even with a good program, products and knowledge there will be a lot of people who fail.