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Meet Dr. Andrea Schmutz infertility and woman's health specialist at Center for Integrative Medicine

Nothing is more important than experience... The acupuncture treatment program for Infertility / IVF support at the Center for Integrative Medicine in Aventura Florida is facilitated by Switzerland native Andrea Schmutz AP, DOM.

What is the best way to lose weight in Miami?

About a year ago Miami made national news as one of the most vain cities in the nation. With great beaches and 300+ Sunnydays in the year it is no wonder that people want to look great. And most important aspect of a good beach look is a slim weight.


What about fast results in weight loss? What is your choice Jenny Craig, Dr. G?

When it comes to weight loss everybody's looking for fast results. And there are a lot of places from old-fashioned Jenny Craig to new Dr. G franchises which sell just that- a quick-fix approach. And since there are many businesses like that they try to compete on price. So to save money they opt for simple fit-for-all cookie-cutter approach.


But what about real, lasting results?

Medical Massage is Truly a Therapy

When you think of massage you probably associate it with a nice relaxing procedure at a beautiful spa. Some may have used it for minor muscle aches and pains. But Medical Massage is truly a therapy. It could be very beneficial in a lot of health conditions including internal problems: headaches, migraines, digestive problems, anxiety and depression and obviously pains from arthritis, low back, neck etc. Massage is especially beneficial when combined with other therapies we do, like cupping, acupuncture or cold laser.

A Case for the Integrative Medicine Approach

Today I want to share a successful story of one patient of mine and how integrative approach to health is far superior to the traditional Western medicine or alternative therapies.


Acupuncture and Integrative Approach to Weight Loss

The number one thing to change to look good and feel great is to lose weight. Millions of people try that on any given day. Many of them are successful on their own others with the help of various available programs. Those who come to our office are the ones who didn't have a good success. There are numerous reasons for a weight-loss program to fail.

Pain Management. What could be reasonable alternative?

Pain ManagementChronic pain is one of the major reasons the doctor's visits and causes for disability. This could be a symptom of various conditions: Rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, spinal problems such as low back and neck pain caused by disc herniation, diabetic neuropathy and arthritic pain.

Don't left cold or flu to ruin your winter or to keep kids away from school

With dramatic weather changes in the past couple of weeks: snowstorms icing and temperature shifts, lots of kids are missing school and not only due to school closings. This constantly changing whether puts a big challenge on the body's protective systems.


According to studies leaving a less stressful life was one of the top New Year resolutions

According to studies leaving a less stressful life was one of the top New Year resolutions. At this point three weeks into the 2014 and is probably moving up on the list as many are getting stressed not living up to their resolutions this adds to anxiety which was already there before.



Impossible Question MarkBefore getting to my this week's topic I wanted to aknowledge a sad event - passing of a true statesman - Ariel Sharon  -this is an end of an era for Middle Eastern politics. However even less the passing of the old guard peace in the Middle East looks like nearly impossible future.